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The Linux kernel is the absolute foundation of the entire operating system. A well-tested and stable kernel is essential for both server and desktop systems.

For this reason, Mabox ships with the rock-solid LTS kernel. Depending on which install image you have downloaded, it will be either a 5.4 or 5.10 series. Both will be supported for many years to come - 5.4 until december 2025, 5.10 until december 2026.

How to install newer release of the kernel?

One of the best features of Manjaro, and often overlooked is the ability to easily install multiple kernel versions. Many kernel series are available in Manjaro and we can easily install several of them alongside. You can have multiple kernels installed and decide which kernel to run at boot time. There is also a very handy GUI to install kernels.

Kernel advice

Always keep the LTS kernel installed, if something goes wrong with the latest one – you can start rock-solid LTS one at boot time.

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