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Keyboard shortcuts

Openbox is a window manager that you can use the way you like – with a mouse, keyboard or both.

In Mabox, useful keyboard shortcuts have been configured, which allow you to work effectively without taking your hand off the keyboard.

Windows – pseudo tiling, resize, move etc.

Keys Action
Super+Up Halfscreen Top
Super+Down Halfscreen Bottom
Super+Left Halfscreen Left
Super+Right Halfscreen Right
Super+Home, Alt+F6 Maximize
F11 , Super+Enter toggle fullscreen

Keybindings for desktop switching

Action Keys
GoToLeftDesktop Ctrl+Alt+Left
GoToRightDesktop Ctrl+Alt+Right
SendToDesktopToLeft Shift+Alt+Left
SendToDesktopToRight Shift+Alt+Right
GoTo first Desktop Super+1
GoTo second Desktop Super+2
GoTo third Desktop Super+3
GoTo fourth Desktop Super+4
Send to Desktop No Super+1 , 2, 3 or 4
ToggleShowDesktop Super+D

Add/remove desktops

There are only two virtual desktops by default in Mabox. You can add more or remove desktops by: middle click on desktop -> Manage desktops

Keybindings for windows

Action Keys
Close Alt+F4
Lower (minimise) Alt+Esc
ShowMenu Alt+Space

Keybindings for window switching

Action Keys
NextWindow Alt+Tab
PreviousWindow Alt+Shift+Tab
Key Action Key Action
Super or Super+Space Main Menu Super+S Settings Menu
Ctrl+Super+Left Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Right Right Sidepanel
Super+M Rofi Menu


Key Action Key Action
Super+T Terminal Super+F Filemanager PCmanFM
Ctrl+` Quake Terminal Super+G Galculator
Super+W Web Browser Super+E Editor Geany
Super+V Volume control Pavucontrol Super+P Enable/disable Picom
Super+R PyRadio Super+Alt+C Enable/Disable Conky
Super+L Lock screen Super+K xkill
Super+/ Fsearch Super+X Exit/Logout screen


Key Action
Super+Alt+K Conky config menu
Super+Alt+P Tint2 panel config menu
Super+Alt+M Menu/Sidepanels config menu
Super+Alt+W Wallpaper config menu
Super+Alt+L ScreenLocker config menu
Super+Alt+E Espanso - text expander helper
Super+F1 Command Palette
Super+C Color Picker/manager


Key Action Key Action
XF86AudioRaiseVolume Increase Volume XF86AudioLowerVolume Decrease Volume
XF86MonBrightnessUp Increase Brightness XF86MonBrightnessDown Decrease Brightness
Print Take a screenshot Alt+Print Take a screenshot
Super+D Show Desktop Super+Space Root menu
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