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Menu / Sidepanels

Color schemes, look and feel

Mabox Linux provides many Menu/Sidepanels colorschemes.

To have a quick look at some of them you can use Random menu colorscheme located in Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Left

Menu/Sidepanel settings Much more settings are available from submenu:

Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Left -> Menu/Sidepanels settings (this sumbenu can be also accessed directly: Super+Alt+M)

Configure Menu Items

In this section you can add your own commands to menu/panels. Also it gives you option to select what should be visiblie in Left Sidepanel and how Applications should be presented in Main menu.

File Directory Browser

Just option to show or hide hidden dir/files in directory browser - used by default in Quick navigation (Left Sidepanel).

Look and Feel

Play here with: Border, Padding, Rounded corners, submenu spacing. Also you can set Sidepanels position here

Font Size

Font family and size section

Color Scheme

Select Colorscheme here. Or edit it to your needs.


Adding own commands


Menus, sidepanels and many helpers in Mabox Linux are scripts utilizing jgmenu.

You can add your own commands, scripts to menu and sidepanels quite easily.

Go either to Mabox Control Ceneter -> Menu /Sidepanels


Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Left -> Menu/Sidepanels settings


Advanced customization

Custom submenus


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