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mbxcolors - color picker and palette manager

This helper can be useful for creative users such as graphic designers, webdevelopers and programmers - or for people who want to customize the tint2 panel, change the colors in Conky or the Menu / Sidebars theme.

mbxcolors Super+C is a colorpicker, copy/paste color code tool and palette manager.

Select color from menu to paste its color hexadecimal code in place where cursor is active (default action).


  • pick color from screen (color preview is available in bottom left corner of screen)
  • Two actions for color items:
    • paste - (default) type color code in place of cursor
    • copy - copy color code to clipboard
  • Three formats: hexadecimal (default), RGB and RGBa
  • create color palettes from picked colors
  • Two example palettes available by default: Tango and Selenized Black
  • HTML colors
  • type to search - usefull for searching HTML colors by name
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