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Windows Tiling

Openbox is floating window manager, but in Mabox there are preconfigured some handy actions to manually tile windows if you want.

You can move windows around quickly by some keyboard shortcuts.

Give it a try while reading

Resize and move windows by keyboard

See it in action...

See video:here

half screen

Try: Super+Left , Right , Up , Down

See it in action...

See video:here

quarter of screen

With Super+keypad keys you can also resize and move window to corner or edge of desktop

Num 7 topleft Num 8 top Num 9 topright
Num 4 left Num 5 center Num 6 right
Num 1 bottomleft Num 2 bottom Num 3 bottomright

Super+Enter or F11 - fullscreen, hit again to go back

Super+B - toggle window decorations

Alt+F6 , Super+Home - toggle maximize

Clik to snap

Click on the appropriate area of the window to snap it (on the grid) to given direction.

Use Ctrl+Shift + click

See areas... Click to snap

This works with active and inactive windows, therefore it is very quick way to place them as you need.

Note there are a gap between windows. A gap is configurable and is a part of DesktopGrid Mabox feature.

Use Ctrl+Shift+numpad keys 1 to 9 to achieve the same effect without using mouse.

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