Default/Preferred Applications

Mabox provides a few pre-installed applications – not too many – by default we won’t find an office suite or GIMP editor here. Installing your favorite programs is a task that will definitely be best done by the user himself according to his preferences (see Software Management).

However, several important applications are pre-installed. Below is a brief description and important information for users who want to change the default programs.

  • Web Browser Super+W - Firefox
  • File Manager Super+F - read more about PCManFM
  • Terminal Emulator Super+T - read more about Terminator
  • Mail Reader - not installed by default


If you like to change the default web browser, file manager or terminal emulator we recommend to set them as the default via Menu Super -> Mabox Config -> Preferred applications. This way you can still launch them from the panel icons or the keyboard shortcut.

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