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ObConf - a preferences manager for Openbox

ObConf is a preferences manager for Openbox.

Lets you choose Openbox theme or install a new one from .obt archive.
Let you change buttons order in titlebar, select fonts
Focusing and placing windows settings
Move & Resize
Windows behaviour while move/resize
Focusing windows on mouse over them, double click titlebar action
Set number of desktops and names for them
Desktop margins are reserved areas on the edge of your screen. New windows will not be placed within a margin, and maximized windows will not cover them.
The dock is a special container for dockapps, or dock applications. It is not visible on screen until a dockapp is run. Dockapps can be used to show things like a clock, or to provide you with a system tray.

GKrellM monitors in the dock

Mabox comes with GKrellM preconfigured to run in a dock. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it by:

Settings menu Super+S -> Autostart -> Choose apps/services (GUI editor)

Select GKrellm in dock.

Use Super+Alt+D to show/hide dock. You can also hover your mouse over right screen edge.

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