Conky in Mabox can be configured by either Mabox Control Center or helper menu located in Settings menu Super+S -> Conky. You can also invoke Conky Settings menu directly by Super+Alt+K.

Conkies are started in Mabox as conky-session, therefore is easy to have multiple Conky started.

To select one or more Conky use Conky Manager1 ( Settings menu Super+S -> Conky -> Choose conky...) Mabox provides some Conky configs by default, and you can add your own to ~/.config/conky/.

Multiple conkys can be run together and saved as a conky session, which is started at login. There are some predefined sessions containing default two Conky configs colorized differently.

To switch off/on Conky temporarily use Super+Alt+C.

If you like to disable Conky completly go to Settings menu Super+S -> Autostart -> Choose apps/services (GUI editor)

  1. Conky Manager is written by BunsenLabs devs and adapted for Mabox. 

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