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Tint2 panel

To configure Tint2 panel go to:

Settings menu Super+S -> Tint2 panels

Choosing an alternate configuration

Tint2 panel theme can be changed with the Tint2 Chooser1 script:

Settings menu Super+S -> Tint2 panels -> Choose Tint2...

Some alternative Tint2 configs are shipped with Mabox, and you can add your own configurations to ~/.config/tint2/

How to add own tint2 config files to Mabox?

If you find a nice tint2 config and want to add it to Mabox, just put it into ~/.config/tint2 directory. Remember to save tint2 configs with .tint2rc extension. Otherwise they will be not picked by Tint2 Chooser.

Tint2conf - gui configuration tool


  1. This tool was written by BunsenLabs and adapted for Mabox 

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