Settings Menu

Settings menu Mabox Settings Menu Super+S is a menu which let you configure most important aspects in Mabox behaviour and look and feel.

Settings menu elements:

  • Mabox Control Center mcc - a simple GUI application to configure Mabox. Similarly to the Settings menu, it brings together all the configuration tools for Mabox in one place. Read more about Mabox Control Center.
  • Wallpaper nitrogen
  • Look and Feel lxappearance
  • Menu/Sidepanels
  • Tint2 panels
  • Conkies
  • Composer
  • Notifications
  • Screen resolution arandr and lxrandr
  • Theme manager - save and restore desktop settings. Read more about Theme Manager
  • Preferred applications - set default Web Browser, File Manager and Terminal Emulator
  • Power Manager
  • Login Manager settings
  • Mouse and Keyboard lxinput
  • Openbox Configuration Manager obconf
  • Autostart - see Autostart
  • RC-configuration file - edit main Openbox configuration file ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml in Geany editor
  • Reconfigure Openbox openbox --reconfigure - reload updated Openbox configuration file (rc.xml), without need to log out.
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