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Introduction to Mabox Linux Desktop

You can access main menu by:

  • click Mabox icon on the panel
  • right click on desktop
  • pressing Super+Space or just Super key

Menu allows you to search, just start to type what you looking for.


There are two Conky placed on default Mabox Desktop. System monitor and info in the top right corner and bottom-left Conky presenting most important keybindings.

You can enable/disable them by Super+Alt+C.

Read more about Conky configuration in Mabox

Tint2 panel

Tint2 is lightweight and highly configurable panel used in Mabox. By default it is located on top of the screen.

Let's examine every panel element from left to right. Read more about Tint2 panel configuration in Mabox

Left Sidepanel launcher

Arrow Left

Arrow-left button

is used to launch Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Left

Mabox Logo (menu start)

Mabox Logo

Mabox logo button

will launch Main menu Super

Right click on it will launch Settings menu Super+S


Tint2 Launcher

Next is Launcher with five icons by default:

  • Show desktop Ctrl+D
  • File Manager Super+F
  • Terminal Emulator Super+T
  • Web Browser Super+W
  • Irc client Hexchat

How to add/remove launchers to/from the panel?

Go to Settings Menu Super+S -> Tint2 panels -> Add/Remove Launchers

Desktops tasklists

Desktop indicators and tasklists

Desktop indicators and tasklist.

Task actions:

  • Left click - toggle or iconify
  • Mouse wheel - toggle or iconify
  • Middle click - close
  • Drag to move window to other desktop

System tray


System tray with simple resource monitor. Five monitors availabe, three enabled by default:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Swap disabled
  • Network usage
  • Disc IO disabled

Click on monitor will run simple task manager lxtask

To configure/disable Systray HW monitor go to: Settings menu Super+S -> Tint2 panels -> Systray HW monitor.



Clock and date. Click to show calendar.


Logout Dialog

Logout Dialog Super+X

Right Sidepanel launcher

Arrow Right

Arrow-right button

is used to launch Right Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Right

Side Panels

Left Sidepanel Mabox Linux provides also two sidepanels for quick access.

Left Sidepanel Ctrl+Super+Left offer quick access to any directory and growing list of Mabox Tools.

You can navigate to place you want, and open file manager or terminal in that location.

Left sidepanel will also show your GTK Bookmarks (bookmarks from filemanager – PCManFM)

Some of Mabox Tools available from Left Sidepanel:

  • Menu/Sidepanel settings Super+Alt+M – let you change menu/panels look and feel
  • Wallpaper and ScreenLocker Super+Alt+W - configure wallpaper and ScreenLocker
  • DesktopGrid - arrange your windows on the grid with or without gap
  • DeskMngr – save and restore desktop sessions (save all windows from current desktop with its size and position, and restore it later on any desktop)
  • SSH Connections – list of configured SSH connections, from ~/.ssh/config
  • Tint2 configuration menu
  • Conky configuration menu

Right side panel Ctrl+Super+Right is for quick access to various settings and help links.


Nitrogen is used as a basic wallpaper setter. But there is more options... Super+Alt+W

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